• At Real Life Fitness...

    We want every person that walks into our gym to feel welcome. Regardless of your previous relationship with working out, it is our goal to make it an enjoyable experience!


    How do we do it? Community.


    Our private gym allows you to schedule your training sessions at a time that is convenient for you in a clean, safe and private environment. You can work out alone or with friends. Up to you!


    We also provide online training programs and nutritional guidance.


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    For more information, email us at reallifefitoc@gmail.com or give us a call at 714-714-0245

  • Services

    Online Training & Nutrition

    $50/month (Training Program only)

    $100/month (Training & Nutrition)

    Training and nutrition programs design to suit your personal needs. If you're serious about your goals and need more guidance, we offer ONLINE only training and nutrition programs by our certified trainers. Contact for more details and availability.

    Private Gym Use

    $100/month (scheduled unlimited use)

    Our gym is set up as a facility exclusively for the use of our private clients. With a monthly fee, you have the ability to use the gym during our open hours, 7 days a week. Contact us for more information or to set up a tour!

    Rent Space


    If you are a Personal Trainer looking for space to train your clients with state of the art gym equipment, give us a call to schedule a tour!

  • "I've been a member of crunch, planet fitness, LA fitness, equinox and 24hr fitness over the last 13 years. All my fitness friends kept telling me to try a boutique but I was intimidated and wasn't sure if the price was worth it.

    I finally made the switch to Real Life Fitness
    and was not disappointed. No ego, just support, focus and results. Trainers (Especially Ryan) made me feel comfortable and helped me learn how to work around my weak joints/injuries. Everyone's motivated at all levels of fitness. Highly recommend!"

    Sophia M.

    "Love working out with these guys!
    It's personal training without the personal training price.
    Great workouts, Awesome Trainers and the people who work out there are fun too!

    Highly recommend- been going for over 3 years now."

    Torrey T.

    "Ryan and Sara transformed not only our body but also our mindset about working out. Me and my wife enjoyed it very much and we are happy with the results. Working out was never easy and nor fun for me, working full time, being a mother of 2 and a wife makes me exhausted at times. Until we met Ryan and Sara. They are very very flexible in regards to our time schedule. The training is an individual approach to keep you motivated and challenged and they provide modifications that best suits each client. Both of them are very friendly and greet everyone by name.
    The feel of the gym is not intimidating that is why I love going to Real Life Fitness! The camaraderie that occurs in the gym is very uplifting. Everybody is nice and interact with each other.
    We are so glad we found Real Life Fitness! Strongly recommended!!"

    Stephanie G.

    "I can feel pretty self-conscious and also quite clueless when it comes to going to the gym. Real Life Fitness has an anxiety-free atmosphere so that your only concerns are how well you're working out. Sara and Ryan make sure you are doing every exercise properly. They care a great deal about the quality of your experience at their gym. I originally found them on groupon, but I now pay for their monthly membership because I couldn't imagine working out anywhere else. Their prices are very reasonable and a lot less money to other trainers and memberships. They can also help you with your nutrition and help you with any questions you have about your diet. I highly recommend coming here to get in shape ifyou care about quality and reasonable prices!"

    Laura B.

    "I was referred by a friend and thought I would take advantage of the Groupon deal for a month and go back to my own routine. I liked the gym so much that I ended up signing up for 6 months. Ryan and Sara both are very motivational and help you do things you never thought you would be able to do. They will help you develop a diet plan, also. I am very happy with the results I have gained. I would recommend them to anyone looking to join a group fitness gym."

    Kari T.

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